We are under Re-Construction!

In an effort to create and better connect our community, we are rebuilding out infrastructure. We hope to return soon. Feel free to contact us with inquires and requests.

Narrow Focus

This is a pivotal time for this company. This message will be vary short and to the point. It is very easy to get caught trying to spin 15 different plates.  BUT, there is power in narrowing your focus to be great at a few things, there is power in focusing all of your attention on being great at just one thing. This photo sums it up.  All of the focus in this image is centered around making this car great. There is laser precision and calculated focus. It’s an idea that should be emulated. It’s an idea that will be emulated by us. 

Laser Focus

*Thanks to autofieldblog for the photo

The beginning of something new


This the brand new online home for Media Playground. We are so excited to get started! In fact, we are well underway working with customers and designing beyond what they can imagine. Our company website is on the meager (to say the least) at the moment, but we will be expanding every day until our Grand Opening. Stay tuned. We are so pumped for what is to come.

We are open for business. Feel free to contact us with any questions or quote requests.

We exist for the opportunity to imagine, create and connect.

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